Bringing in Food for Patients & helping the needy people

With a large aim to provide food for needy person, Mr. Joykuty started his mission 16 years before and still continuing without any change. More than 8 lakh people got the benefits through this noble venture. He believe it's more than a charity, it's only god's worship, he can do that for that last 16 years without any obstucles. he had received many awards and recognitionss for his unique service. He also distributed food kits, medicine kits, study materials during the Covid pandemic days. He also providing assistance for blood donation and arrangement blood during critical situations.

Bringing in food from home to a charity centers & hospital patients can be a nice idea and a great way to show you care about a loved one. Whether it is a culturally specific food or a favourite family meal, bringing in food can help a patient feel more at home and assist with meeting their meal preferences. Food poisoning may occur if patients eat food that is unsafe. It is important the food that is brought in for patients has been prepared safely at home. We serve homely food to Medical College Cancer patients(11 & 12 wards) & patients in Sree Avittom Thirunal hospital (Pediatric, Surgical) wards on Monday , Wednesday & Friday also 2 days in a month to mental patients.

Educational Help:Youth living in poverty are the least likely to become educated. Students who are suffering poverty drop out of school working in a variety of jobs.Address the needs of people in poverty and help them to succeed. Academic achievement numbers are low for the children of families who struggle to meet their basic needs.For those suffering students we provides required educational help.

Blood Donation & Hospital Services: Blood donation is the easiest and the most powerful way to make an impact. With each unit you give, you can save up to 4 lives! Unprevileged & poor patients are taked to hospital and provides required treatment.


Food for Patients

We are providing free food to patients and bystanders at Medical College Hospital, Trivandrum

Free medicines for Patients

We are supplying free medicines for people and patients in and around Trivandrum

Other Activites

We are providing free study materials for poor students in all age groups

Financial aids

We are arranging free hospital drop, ambulance service, free food kit supply for needy people


contact us

Joykutty Annadhanam

  • Nalanchira, Trivandrum
    Ph No - 9497016956

    Our Bank Account
    D. Joykutty
    Bank of Baroda
    Ac No - 74860100002607
    Branch- Kesavadasapuram
    IFSC Code - BARB0VJTHKE (Zero digit after BRB in IFSC code)

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